Hire Heroes Success Stories

Wingfoot Truck Care Center, Gulfport MS

Wingfoot Truck Care Center Manager, Kevin Crawford, made the commitment to hire veterans long before the Pledge to Hire Mississippi Heroes campaign was launched. According to Crawford, “Veterans possess a sense of responsibility, knowledge and a good work ethic that makes them great employees.”

“It’s a win-win,” he says. “We are supporting veterans and, in turn, they support us (Wingfoot). How can you go wrong?”

As a company, Wingfoot searches for veterans nationwide using their local job centers. Military training may not always provide the specific skills necessary for each position, but hiring managers know the veterans referred to them will have a good foundation on which to build. Wingfoot is a nationwide company and a subsidiary of a larger organization, which provides extensive opportunities for its employees. Veterans hired in Gulfport can succeed there, build on that success and transfer or be promoted to other locations within the organization. The company offers opportunities for numerous occupations, from Diesel Technicians to Lawyers.

Crawford indicated that he and many other managers throughout the Wingfoot family are veterans. Some managers are older and remember that when their military service ended, programs like the Pledge to Hire Mississippi Heroes were not around and the transition back into the workforce was often difficult. He believes that a program like this to take care of the people who ensure our safety is long overdue. Hiring veterans is his way of taking care of those people.

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