Labor Market Publications

Labor Market Publications

Monthly, quarterly and annual publications of the LMI Department

Annual Averages - Historical series for Labor Force and Industry level employment, publications provide amounts for the State, Counties, Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), and other areas.
Annual Labor Force - Monthly publication providing labor force (residence based) data; published for the State, Counties, MSAs, and other areas.

Annual Manpower Reports - Monthly reports for the State and Metropolitan Statistical Areas present labor force and industry employment amounts with comparisons to prior month and year.

Census of Employment and Wages - Employment and wage data compiled from contribution reports submitted by employers including federal government.

CFOI - Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries - A breakdown of fatal work injuries in Mississippi as reported to BLS from the CFOI program.
Commuting Patterns - A county- by-county summary of labor force flow in or out of the cited county, as extracted from the most recent United States Census Bureau American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates.

Covered Employment and Wages - Employment and wage data compiled from contribution reports submitted by employers who are subject to coverage under the Mississippi Department of Employment Security Law. Data for 2022 forward is available as Census of Employment and Wages.
Industry Employment Projections - The projections data will show which industries are expected to employ more or expected to employ less workers in the future.

Labor Market Data - Monthly publication presenting the Civilian Labor Force, Employed, Unemployed, and Unemployment Rate for the State, US, MSAs, Counties, Cities and other areas.
LMI for Affirmative Action - Annual report consisting of annual average labor force data with estimated race and gender breakouts; also included are the latest available population estimates by race and gender.
LMI Guide - The Mississippi Guide to Labor Market Information catalogues most of the data sources available to the public that are related to trends and changes in the labor market.

Occupational Employment Projections - Reports presenting occupational employment projections for the State, Workforce Development Areas, Metropolitan Statistical Areas, and Community College Districts.

Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics - Occupational wage data compiled from surveys sent to employers and published annually.

Quick Reference - Monthly publication presenting a variety of economic and demographic amounts published for Counties, Community College Districts, Planning and Development Districts, and Workforce Development Areas.

Reflections - Annual publication of Mississippi’s economy focusing on six common measures available at sub-state levels; data provided for state, counties, MSAs and WDAs.

State and Metro Trends - Publication with monthly analysis of changes in the labor force and employment by industry for the State and MSAs, amounts for the current month, prior month, and year ago presented with numeric and percent change.
Unemployment Rates - Historical series of unemployment rates by month from 1990 forward, amounts are presented for all counties and the State.


Business Employment Dynamics - Link to the Bureau of Labor Statistics data series containing seasonally adjusted gross job gains and losses; explains the net change in the employment over two quarters.
Maps - Various maps showing Labor Force data, Economic, Industry, and Demographic amounts, updated on different cycles depending on the data source.
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