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Mississippi Receives $8.3 Million to Enhance Successful Reentry Outcomes by Expanding Access to Good Jobs

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For Immediate Release
Date: October 4, 2023

Jackson, MS ---

The Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) announced today that Mississippi was awarded an $8,300,667 grant from the U.S. Department of Labor, in partnership with the Department of Justice. The funding will enhance the Bureau of Prisons’ existing rehabilitation and reentry efforts.

The Partners for Reentry Opportunities in Workforce Development (PROWD) grant will provide support for people in federal custody to prepare them to succeed once they return to their communities and rejoin the workforce. The grant will expand access to mentoring, coaching, employment and training programs, and other support services before and after their release.

The PROWD grant will support the delivery of pre- and post-release services to participants in three stages:

  • Stage one: Training and supportive reentry services offered to people before their federal release to a residential reentry center or home confinement.
  • Stage two: Training and job placement services and supportive reentry services provided to people after their transition to a reentry center or home confinement.
  • Stage three: Additional supportive reentry and employment services, including on-the-job-training, provided to participants once they transition into the community after their full release.

“This grant will allow MDES and our workforce partners to build on existing reentry efforts, strengthening pathways to employment upon release” said Robin Stewart, Interim Executive Director. “Pre- and post-release services will reduce the likelihood of recidivism and help fully reintegrate citizens into their communities with good jobs.”