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Your Unemployment Benefits

It may seem like there is so much information to learn about during the process of filing to receive your unemployment benefits, as well as refiling every week to get your weekly check.

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed. The information you need is here for you to review and easily understand. Plus, MDES is always here to help you..

Practically everything you need to know about your unemployment benefits and what you have to do to be eligible to receive them is here in one place for you. You will also find out what you have to do to show us that you are continually searching for a job, what happens in an eligibility review and other important information you may need during the time you are unemployed.

It’s a good idea to read over all of this information, so you are fully aware of the process and the requirements. The more you know and understand know, the better of you’ll be farther down the road.

Benefit Eligibility Requirements
Weekly Benefit Amounts
Unemployment Insurance Claimant Handbook
Eligibility Review
Work Search Requirements
Child Support Intercept
Weekly Claims Procedures

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You must first register with MDES Online Services in order to claim your unemployment benefits. 

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