Compliance Audits

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About Compliance Audits

Compliance audits are performed in association with the U.S. Department of Labor in order to ensure that employers are abiding by Mississippi laws and regulations in regards to the proper and complete reporting of wages and the proper classification of workers.

The U.S. Department of Labor requires that each state audit 1% of all employing businesses each year. In doing so, all rated employers who are registered and performing services within the State of Mississippi and have not been audited within the last 24 months are eligible to be randomly selected for audit.

An audit involves an examination of records which includes tax returns, bank statements and cancelled checks, federal filings, payroll records, and other documentation as requested. Mississippi Code of 1972 §71-5-133 grants the Mississippi Department of Employment Security the right to examine or copy any book, paper, account, record, or other data pertaining to payrolls or employment or ownership of interests or stock in any employing unit.


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